Jess Krcmar Photography | About

My name is Jess (go ahead, try and pronounce my last name....hehe), welcome to my little space in cyber world!


I've been fascinated with photography since childhood, back when I had to use a camera with film and external flash bulbs. I still remember the smell of the flashbulbs burning off one by one, and the anticipation of waiting for those rolls of film to come back! I love creating memories that you and your family can cherish for years to come, and pride myself on capturing a lot of candid moments versus posed ones. I work mostly with natural light and love to be outdoors. (I do not have an indoor studio) I've been doing professional photography since 2009 and officially launched my solo business in 2013. Until that point I was shadowing and working along side of some of the best wedding photographers in the area and continue to grow in any way I can. I have a multitude of inspirations and love learning from them all, whether it's in person or through classes. I have found that inspiration can come in the least expected forms!


I am a wife to a wonderful man who gave me a complicated last name, a mother of two awesome teenagers, a music afficionado who goes to as many concerts as possible, an animal lover (we have 5 pets!) a writer, and a photographer. I love sunlight, woodchucks, poetry, volunteering at animal shelters, singing loudly, owls, the sky, traveling, decorating, good food, local beer, avocados, fireplaces, slobbery dog kisses, Christmas ornaments, and a cute pair of shoes. (I also work full time in the Green Bay area for an amazing global marketing company) 


I'd love to be a part of helping you make your memories permanent via photographs. I cherish getting to really know my clients, because without that I can't help you capture the true essence you are looking for. I'm truly blessed to say that a lot of my clients become my good friends. I always encourage people to find a photographer they are completely comfortable with, and whose vision and personal photography style match what you had in mind. If you think we sound like a match, contact me via this website, phone, or Facebook ( I'd love to hear from you!